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Maad Hospitality Towers promises to be among the most efficient assets in Makkah, with typical floors, service levels, facilities and roadways designed for flexibility and uninterrupted operation. The project’s benefits include:

  • Reachable on Ibrahim al Khalil Street, which intersects the first, second and third ring roads
  • 15- 20 minute walk to the Haram along a flat path, no hills or tunnels to pass over or through
  • Each tower has 8 elevators for guest use, as well as 2 service elevators, facilitating smooth entry and exit of pilgrims during seasonal peaks
  • Located right on the edge of the closest area accessible to private cars during peak seasons (except Hajj).
  • Easy access to common facilities (shopping and food arcade center, parking spaces, service areas).
  • Independent tower service facilities (water tanks, restaurants, prayer area, event halls, retail areas).
  • Every tower is accessible by front and rear streets at two levels, as well as indoor and external pedestrian walkways
  • Shopping & Entertainment
  • Two parks are minutes from the project, including one across the street
  • Commercial space in the complexes common mall area as well as in each hotel will provide a range of services
  • Hotels have levels with large spaces that can be used for events, children’s play areas, wedding receptions, and more
  • The combined application of international 4-star standards with the project’s proximity to the Haram have demonstrated exceptional performance figures, ensuring investors enjoy healthy ROI levels.



MAAD Hospitality Towers, Makkah


Safa Administrative Tower, 17th Floor, AlAziziyah

The Headquarters Business Park, Suite 1507, Corniche Road
+ 966 125391361

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