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Maad Hospitality Towers in Makkah is a unique project comprised of 5 star hotels and hotel apartments on Ibrahim al Khalil Street, directly accessible to the Haram (no elevations or tunnels separate it from the mosque). The street intersects all the main arteries of Makkah, including the first, second and third ring roads. Traffic flow in the project is managed through a circular road with easy entry and exit to each tower as well as the hotel complex.

The hotel rooms are designed for flexibility, able to house individuals as well as groups during peak seasons.

The first nine 5 Star hotels are near completion. They consist of 4,408 rooms, able to house up to 21,924 pilgrims during peak seasons. The project as a whole boasts 9,932 keys able to house up to 50,625 pilgrims across 21 hotels and hotel apartments in a total built up area of 866,027 m2. Each tower consists of several levels, of which house guests while others are reserved for services such as restaurants, event halls, prayer areas, lounge areas and so on. Every room is designed to serve up to five guests during the peak Hajj season, with spacious hotel apartments, ranging from one to three bedroom units, able to house an even greater number as required. The furniture and interiors are compliant with international standard hotel specifications, with materials sourced from a diverse range of vendors as far afield as the United States of America, Germany, Spain, the United Arab Emirates and Turkey.

Maad Hospitality Towers: Summary
  • Hotels & Hotel Apartments:           21
  • Rooms:                                              11,283
  • Keys:                                                   9,932
  • Pilgrims:                                            50,625
  • Built Up Area:                                    866,027 m2
  • Land Area:                                         48,260 m2
  • From Haram:                                    1,300 meters
  • from Southern Expansion:              800 meters



MAAD Hospitality Towers, Makkah


Safa Administrative Tower, 17th Floor, AlAziziyah

The Headquarters Business Park, Suite 1507, Corniche Road
+ 966 125391361

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